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New Appliance? Consider Installing Dedicated Circuits in Bellevue

New Appliance? Consider Installing Dedicated Circuits in Bellevue

When it comes to maintaining the electrical components at your home, you want to work with a dedicated company that knows the ins and outs. You want to have someone you can rely on to get the job done right every single time. You want to work with CES Electrical. Our team has been in the industry for years, providing the utmost in installation, maintenance, and repairs. One of the services we provide is installing dedicated circuits in Bellevue.

Dedicated Circuits

Perhaps you’re not sure what a dedicated circuit is. This is a part of your home that runs one entire appliance or device in the house. This circuit only drives power to that one part instead of being responsible for multiple areas.

This is a must when you have large appliances in the home, such as dryers, washing machines, fridges, or a stove. This allows you to get the adequate power needed for those areas without the chance of overloading the circuit.

When you get new appliances or need to update the home, it may be necessary for an additional circuit to be added. Each tech is properly trained and certified to work with any electrical system you have. After the evaluation, we’ll discuss the best route to take to help you attain your goals. You’ll receive a full-cost estimate detailing what to expect, and we’ll answer all of your questions that may come up.

Allow our team to help you with all of your electrical needs, including your dedicated circuits in Bellevue. Give us a call today at (425) 529-5777 to learn more or to set up your consultation for service.

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